The Northamptonshire Country Centre's Vision


The Northamptonshire Country Centre's Vision

The clients who attend the Country Centre are vulnerable adults with learning difficulties who need a secure friendly atmosphere in which they have the opportunity to develop their skills and enjoy the satisfaction of achieving objectives and overcoming challenges. Clients need the reassurance of established and well known routines in familiar surroundings together with the opportunity to interact with people they know and trust.


The Country Centre fosters a family-like atmosphere which encourages initiative and sharing whilst allowing the clients to develop their own character and personality.


The Country Centre encourages in the clients a feeling of belonging to a worthwhile group which has goals and aspirations, and to the local community. An important factor in this is the client’s feeling of security and self confidence and that they therefore feel free to express themselves and to communicate freely with their peers, carers, members of staff and the public.


Our clients are supervised in their activities when it is needed. They learn by example and experience, but are made aware of potential problems and dangers to themselves and others, thereby developing an understanding of their obligations and responsibilities within the local community, society in general and the workplace. Our clients’ activities involve ongoing social and economic interaction with the local community. They use the local community centre for social functions, and the continuous interaction with an increasing number of local residents in advertising, promoting and selling the produce grown. Open days at the Centre attract customers from a wider local area. This interaction allows clients to gain valuable experience in social skills.


The Country Centre is special in the variety and scope of the activities and opportunities offered to the clients who, in developing their social and practical skills gain confidence and self assurance in all aspects of their lives, and the experience necessary to enhance their potential as prospective employees.


The feelings of achievement and satisfaction which the clients experience are necessary for everyone, not just our clients, to live a happy and fulfilled life. Pride and self-confidence are essential to well-being. Our clients spend time achieving something of worth which fosters pride and self-confidence.