Testimonials - What some of our clients say



What the clients of the Northamptonshire Country Centre say

We do different things every day which I enjoy. David and Richard are good to work with and we have a laugh while working.



I like working here especially helping the staff. I've been here a long time and know most jobs that need doing. I get on well with David, Richard and Karen.



I enjoy the company and seeing my friends.



Working here is very good and I have lots of friends at the Centre. David and Richard are great bosses.



I love my work - especially farming and growing all the different plants. David and Richard are very good to me and I like them.



I like people who like a joke and they do here. I have lots of friends who say and do kind things and like the staff too.


Nanda and Martin:

We love working with the plants and flowers. Everyone is always friendly and helps us.